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Triathlete Gift Ideas

Triathletes can be a finicky bunch to buy gifts for.  Triathlon is a sport of habits, and many triathletes have developed detailed habits that they don’t veer from.  Even getting them the wrong flavor of Gatorade can disappoint them.  What’s worse, triathlon gear can vary in price extremely.  How do you know your triathlete wants … Read more

Triathlon Bags Buying Guide and Recommendations

desoto transition bag

Triathlon bags, or transition packs as they are sometimes known, are a piece of triathlon gear that is not necessarily essential but can make life much easier if you begin to get somewhat serious about doing more triathlons. Triathlon bags are basically backpacks or gear bags built especially for triathlon.  While the most common use … Read more

Triathlon Tops and Singlets

Triathlon tops, or singlets, are a useful part of a triathlon wardrobe.   A good tri top feels great during the race and is easy-to-use in the transitions.  Sure, you can just wear a t-shirt or cycling shirt, but there are some disadvantages which we cover below. Maybe most importantly for those trying to improve their … Read more

Triathlon Suits

Triathlon suits are something that triathletes might consider investing in as they get more serious about the sport, or if they have a budget that allows for a more complete stock of tri gear. While it is very possible to train for and race in triathlons with a simple sport shirt and tri shorts, the benefit of … Read more

Best High End Tri Wetsuits for Ironman, Elites

xterra vengeance wetsuit triathlon

High-End Wetsuits borderline on being works of art.  Who ever knew you could put so much engineering into pieces of neoprene? The market for triathlon wetsuits is competitive, ever-changing, and includes wetsuits ranging from entry-level to advanced.  The good news is that you can get more for the money than at any point in the … Read more

Shimano WH-R500 Wheelset Review

When is comes to road bike wheelsets, the Shimano WH lineup is a classic that has stood the test of time. Shimano’s WH-R500 — and the subsequent WH-R501A model — is positioned as an entry-level wheelset that provides an economical alternative for riders looking for a basic training wheelset. A pair of WH-R500 or R501 … Read more