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Our Team

The Complete Tri team is a group of passionate endurance athletes first, gear junkies second, and website publishers third. We do this because we love triathlon, cycling, running, and swimming.

Von Collins

Von Collins 2Von Collins is an accomplished triathlete and cyclist, and the author of four popular fitness and training books: Smarter Running, Your First Triathlon Guide, Fit Foods, and 30 Rut-Busting Workouts (all of which can be found on Amazon). His books have distributed thousands of copies to good reviews. 

Von has been cited as a triathlon, cycling, and fitness expert by the NY Times, Byrdie,, Healthline, CNET, Forbes, Eat This, Not That, and other major outlets. Von has done dozens of triathlons and endurance bike races, coaches, and is an avid part of the cycling and triathlon community.

Von is the primary editor and content architect behind everything you see at Complete Tri.


Jim Joyner

Jim JoynerJim is an accomplished triathlete and endurance cyclist, and has raced in more than 3 dozen USAT-certified races.  He is also an avid trail runner and gravel bike rider. His areas of expertise are in endurance training, cycling, triathlon technique, race direction, and training plans.  In addition to writing extensively about the endurance world, he has managed gyms and fitness centers in the US.  Jim is a longtime writer for Complete Tri, Compression Design, and his work can be found on the resource pages of many triathlon and cycling clubs in North America.


Paul Johnson

A dedicated fitness nut and endurance athlete, Paul was part of the founding team of Complete Tri. He specializes in beginner triathlete coaching and cycling of all types including road biking, gravel biking, and e-bikes.  Paul still edits all content published at Complete Tri. He has been a trusted source for others in the industry and quoted in several vetted publications. You can see his contributions to pieces in Healthline, NBC News, and NY Magazine.  Paul focuses on content and partner outreach at Complete Tri.

Staff Writers

In addition to Von and Jim, Complete Tri has a team of trusted staff writers who provide content based on their areas of expertise.

  • Amanda Whittington is an avid endurance and ultra-endurance athlete who has ridden dozens of challenging races and understands cycling equipment inside and out.
  • Hannah Diaz is a professional soccer player who provides articles on fitness, strength, and staying healthy as a competitor. She has played for the Houston Dash and the Orca Kamogawa.
  • Hilary Cairns has written several pieces for Complete Tri and is an avid weekend athlete who can relate to our typical reader.