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Cold Weather Running Gear

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Runners who live in colder climates or climates with the possibility of a couple colds snaps a year undoubtedly face a common question: Should I run outside, run inside on a treadmill, or temporarily stop my training until it gets warmer?  Being a Minnesota-based organization, we know a thing or two about cold weather running.  We … Read more

Best Compression Socks

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Compression socks have become some of the hottest products on the fitness market today.  You have undoubtedly seen marathoners, triathletes, weekend athletes, and even travelers sporting compression socks.  The growth in compression socks’ popularity follows major growth in the overall compression wear industry, with some reports suggesting it will continue growing at almost a 10% … Read more

Best Running Watch

Garmin 245

Finding the best running watch can be daunting. There are lots of options out there, and many of the options have very different concepts. Do you want a run-specific watch?  A smart watch with a running app?  Something in-between? One thing that is proven to be important for any training regimen is tracking and varying … Read more

How to Find a Running Track Near Me

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Becoming fit and building exercise into your lifestyle can be difficult to do.  Having a personal trainer is not always appealing or can be justified on the grounds of costs.  Going to gyms can be a lonely and intimidating experience, especially if only just embarking on trying to get fit and feeling body conscious – … Read more

Thermal Running Tights

north face winter tights

If you plan to run outside in colder weather, a good pair of thermal tights are critical to keep your legs warm.  Thermal running tights are similar to other running or compression tights, but with one major difference:  They are built specifically for colder-weather running, so they are a key piece of your cold weather running … Read more

Best Running Jackets

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Running jackets are an essential piece of cold weather running gear. Skimp, and you will be sorry. Invest in a good one, and your winter runs will become some of your favorite workouts of the year. Here, we will share which running jackets to consider, and what to look for when you are buying one. The … Read more

Cyclists Legs vs. Runners Legs

cyclist vs runner leg

You can often identify a hardcore cyclist or an elite marathon runner by looking at their legs.  Given the type of workouts they do, and the body types that are naturals at each sport, cyclist and runner legs often have a consistent profile. Cyclists are known for their incredibly ripped and vascular legs, but for … Read more