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Saris H3 Smart Trainer Review

h3 vs. flux

When it comes to smart trainers, there are really three that we consider top contenders.  The Saris H3 just might be our favorite of the bunch right now, especially when factoring-in the price tag. A few big changes have happened at CycleOps over the past couple years, especially when it comes to smart trainers.  First, … Read more

Garmin 830 Bike Computer Review

The Garmin Edge 830 was released in May 2019 and it’s still going strong in 2022. It is a strong contender on our annual list of the best bike computers. If you’re looking to add a new bike computer to your bicycle, you’ll definitely want to give this one a good bit of consideration. So … Read more

5 Great Entry-Level Road Bikes

best felt road bike $

We love seeing people get into cycling – whether it is purely recreational, or to build up to longer rides, or to ultimately compete in a bike race or triathlon.  Our attitude is that the more cyclists there are — regardless of your budget — the more demand for trails, dedicated bike lanes, and bike … Read more

Best Compression Socks

compression socks best

Compression socks have become some of the hottest products on the fitness market today.  You have undoubtedly seen marathoners, triathletes, weekend athletes, and even travelers sporting compression socks.  The growth in compression socks’ popularity follows major growth in the overall compression wear industry, with some reports suggesting it will continue growing at almost a 10% … Read more

Best Indoor Cycling Floor Mats


Indoor cycling trainers continue to get more popular as people are looking for ways to stay in shape as they rethink gym memberships, and try to stay out of dangerous road traffic.  Apps like Peloton, Zwift, and TrainerRoad have made this possible, but you have to get the space adequately set up before downloading the … Read more

Best Running Watch

Garmin 245

Finding the best running watch can be daunting. There are lots of options out there, and many of the options have very different concepts. Do you want a run-specific watch?  A smart watch with a running app?  Something in-between? One thing that is proven to be important for any training regimen is tracking and varying … Read more

Pearl Izumi Quest Cycling Shorts Review

The Pearl Izumi Quest cycling shorts are undoubtedly one of the top cycling shorts currently available to athletes. Pearl Izumi is one of our favorite gear makers, and you could argue that the Quest cycling shorts are their most versatile bike shorts for the money. Their reliable design has been created to assist men and … Read more

Best Cycling Gloves

There are many reasons cyclists might wear gloves.  They can help cushion your hands and prevent callouses.  Some cycling gloves are designed to keep your hands warm. Other gloves can give you protection against a spill.  The best cycling gloves can do a little of everything. Finding the right glove depends partly on the type … Read more