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What Muscles Does Cycling Work?


Cycling is a great workout, giving you an excellent cardiovascular workout without all the pounding that you get from running.  But what are the big muscle groups involved when out there cranking on the pedals?   Here are the major muscle groups that are getting good work when you bike. Muscles Used in Cycling Quads First, … Read more

Best Fat Bike Tire Guide

fat bike tire

Cycling can be a notorious rabbit hole for those easily taken with marketing claims.  Admittedly, it is a past time that attracts gear junkies.  The vast options for fat bike tires is no exception. The newest bikes, parts, and accessories offer competitive cyclists a leg up, and even tempt recreational riders with promises of a … Read more

Perfect Zwift Setup

best smart trainer quiet

Getting setup with your indoor biking system at home seems simple.  You choose the device first. Smart trainer? Old-Fashioned trainer?  Integrated, higher-end system like Peloton? You will make the right call, we are sure of it. Then you choose the app or service that you want to use.  If you went with an integrated system … Read more

Best Running Jackets

running jacket

Running jackets are an essential piece of cold weather running gear. Skimp, and you will be sorry. Invest in a good one, and your winter runs will become some of your favorite workouts of the year. Here, we will share which running jackets to consider, and what to look for when you are buying one. The … Read more

Tacx Flow Review

Trainers could be exactly what you need to keep your cycling game on point without heading outside, especially in inclement weather.  When the weather turns cold, wet, or snowy, getting off of the roads or trails can be a relief.  Snowy riding is challenging unless you have a fat tire bike, and riding a bike … Read more

Best Bike and Cycling Computers

best mounted bike computer

A good bike computer can be a great way to get more out of cycling.  There are lots of bike computers made by lots of different brands, but we wanted to evaluate the best cycling computers on the market today. Competitive cyclists, triathletes, touring cyclists, weekend athletes, and bike commuters alike are continuously looking for … Read more

Tacx Neo 2T Review

tacx neo 2t review

The Tacx Neo 2T — Tacx’s latest and highest end smart trainer model is a great smart bike trainer.  We view it as the Cadillac of all bike trainers — or maybe we should get with the times, and say it is the Tesla.  Actually, the Neo is the Tesla in a few ways, not … Read more

Tacx Flux Smart Trainer Review

tacx flux 2 review

The Flux models, the Flux 2 and Flux S by Tacx, are solid smart trainer options for the money.  The term “sweet spot” comes to mind when writing about them — they occupy a nice price point but also provide impressive functionality. What we like most about the Flux models is that they give you … Read more