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Open Water Swim Tips

If you want to be a competitive triathlete, you need to be comfortable with the open water swims. In addition to racing in triathlons, I regularly volunteer to help with the swim leg of local triathlons.  Being on a lifeguard boat gives me a unique vantage point on how the triathletes are doing in the … Read more

Offseason Triathlon Training Tips

You’ve raced in a triathlon, or several.  You have completed your inaugural triathlon season, or perhaps your twentieth.  What now? A triathlete’s offseason is a time to rest, refresh, plan and prepare for the next season.  It is a great time to think about fitness, rather than racing. We consider the offseason to be the … Read more

Best Triathlon Training Plans and Guides

Whether you are a triathlon newbie or simply looking to improve your times or distances, triathlon training plans and guides can be invaluable.  Where else can you get advice from an experienced coach or triathlete from the comfort of your own home? One of the first things triathletes should do at the start of their … Read more

Five Reasons to Consider Joining a Triathlon Club

 When it comes to athletics, everyone has different ways of motivating themselves and becoming better at training.  Some have a workout buddy, others subscribe to highly-scientific online training programs.  Others employ a coach.  One of the most common ways to stay engaged and motivated is to join a local triathlon club.  Triathlon clubs might be … Read more

10 Great Destination Triathlons

We are again excited to publish our list of 10 great destination triathlons in the U.S. To be considered a destination race on our list, it must offer either an Olympic or Sprint distance, have stood the test of time, and be in a special venue worthy of traveling to from other parts of the … Read more

Improving Your Tri Swim Technique in the Offseason

Winter is a slower time of year for many triathletes.  The A races are either five months behind us or seven months ahead of us, depending on how you look at things.  If you live in a Northern climate, you are adjusting to snow-filled running trails and some days that make cycling prohibitive.  Your tri … Read more

Three Rookie Triathlon Wetsuit Mistakes

Using a triathlon wetsuit becomes old hat after a few races, and you will never know what you ever did without it. It will feel like a second skin that gives you speed and security in the water. But any triathlete will tell you a few mistakes they made with their wetsuit, things that were … Read more

How to Take a Wetsuit Off

wetsuit fit tight

Taking a wetsuit off, whether during a triathlon or after a training session, is something that can take a little practice.  Wetsuits are designed to be very snug and keep you warm in the water.  That snug fit isn’t always conducive to quick wetsuit removal during Transition 1, especially when you exit the water winded … Read more

Best High End Tri Wetsuits for Ironman, Elites

xterra vengeance wetsuit triathlon

High-End Wetsuits borderline on being works of art.  Who ever knew you could put so much engineering into pieces of neoprene? The market for triathlon wetsuits is competitive, ever-changing, and includes wetsuits ranging from entry-level to advanced.  The good news is that you can get more for the money than at any point in the … Read more