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What the New USAT Wetsuit Thickness Rule Means to You

As of January 1, 2013, the USA Triathlon governing body (USAT) has a new wetsuit rule for all USAT-sanctioned races.  If you are a triathlete or race director, it will be important to understand how this new rule affects you. The new rule is pretty simple:  No wetsuit worn can have a thickness of more … Read more

What Do You Wear Under a Wetsuit?

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For triathletes focused on their first open water swim, many questions often exist.  What should be the swim strategy?  How do you handle choppy water or difficult crowds?  What is transition 1 like?  Sometimes, even the more basic questions need to be answered first, such as “what do you wear under the wetsuit?” Our thorough article on triathlon … Read more

When Wetsuits are Illegal: Wetsuits in Warm Water Temps

Around July or August of each year, many popular triathlons struggle with the question of whether they should allow wetsuits or not.  We outline the recommended temps for using wetsuits in a different article, but in general water temps above 78 degrees are not very conducive to wetsuits.  In some cases, using a wetsuit in … Read more

More Open Water Swim Tips, From a Lifegaurd Perspective

A few weeks ago, we began posting some open water swim tips.  This list will grow over time as there are literally dozens of great tips when it comes to open water swimming and triathlon swimming. In addition to racing in triathlons, I regularly volunteers to help with the swim leg of local triathlons.  Through that experience, … Read more

Four Things to Do to Your Wetsuit Before Your First Race

Whether you are dusting off a 5-year old wetsuit for another Tri season, or have purchased a new one that just arrived in the mail, there are four things every racer should do to thier wetsuit prior to a new season.  Following these simple steps takes just a little time but can extend the life … Read more