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Best Ebike for Seniors

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Best Ebike for Seniors: 5 Great E-Bikes for Older Riders Choosing the perfect electric bike can feel like a daunting task. Ebikes hit the scene fast, causing many of us to have to catch-up on their features and other details. In this article, I will explore and discuss the best e-bikes for seniors, focusing on … Read more

Wahoo Rival Smart Watch Review

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Wahoo Rival Smart Watch Review: Our Assessment The Wahoo RIVAL Smartwatch gives Wahoo a legitimate option for the multisport watch and fitness tracker crowd. With an increasing demand for advanced wearable technology, Wahoo has stepped up to the plate and delivered a high-quality smartwatch that meets the needs of triathletes, endurance athletes, runners, and anyone … Read more

Should You Buy a Used Bike?

Should You Buy Used Bike: A Guide to Used Cycle Shopping When I first started cycling more seriously I (like many of you) had some sticker shock at the price of new bikes. Unless you are a high-earner getting into cycling after making a few bucks, it can seem crazy to spend as much on … Read more

Cycling and Biking Statistics

If you read much of our content, you will know that we LOVE cycling. Whether it is chewing-up the gravel roads, cruising along on a road bike, or tackling tougher terrain with a fat bike or mountain bike, we just enjoy the idea that you can explore so much ground on a bike. This fascination … Read more

Stiff-Legged Deadlift for Endurance Athletes

While preparing to perform at your best and get a new personal record, reducing the chances of injury is something every athlete should consider. An injury could mean weeks or months out of one’s sport of choice, or even be career-ending. From recovery to injury prevention, our bodies need to be prepared before we can … Read more

Pearl Izumi Bike Shorts

Since 1950, Pearl Izumi has been providing premium gear for riders of all levels from beginners to top-notch triathlete champions. Each piece has been rigorously thrown through the wringer by testers all around the world, and to add the icing on top, all their products come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing or materials defects! … Read more

How to Find a Running Track Near Me

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Becoming fit and building exercise into your lifestyle can be difficult to do.  Having a personal trainer is not always appealing or can be justified on the grounds of costs.  Going to gyms can be a lonely and intimidating experience, especially if only just embarking on trying to get fit and feeling body conscious – … Read more

Thermal Running Tights

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If you plan to run outside in colder weather, a good pair of thermal tights are critical to keep your legs warm.  Thermal running tights are similar to other running or compression tights, but with one major difference:  They are built specifically for colder-weather running, so they are a key piece of your cold weather running … Read more

Cold Weather Running Gear

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Runners who live in colder climates or climates with the possibility of a couple colds snaps a year undoubtedly face a common question: Should I run outside, run inside on a treadmill, or temporarily stop my training until it gets warmer?  Being a Minnesota-based organization, we know a thing or two about cold weather running.  We … Read more