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Five Reasons to Consider Joining a Triathlon Club

 When it comes to athletics, everyone has different ways of motivating themselves and becoming better at training.  Some have a workout buddy, others subscribe to highly-scientific online training programs.  Others employ a coach.  One of the most common ways to stay engaged and motivated is to join a local triathlon club.  Triathlon clubs might be … Read more

Why Do Bikes Cost So Much?

groupset bike cost

A common reaction we hear from cycling newbies looking for their first new bike is “Wow, bikes are really expensive!”  We don’t disagree.  Buying a bike for frequent cycling, be it training for endurance races or just staying in good shape, will cost a pretty penny.  It is far from the days of our youth … Read more

Salsa Journeyer Bike Review

Salsa has been making high-quality bikes since the early 80s. The Minnesota-based brand has always focused on making a solid variety of bikes, and today makes some top-notch road, gravel, and fat tire bikes. For the money, we consider it a very good brand. When it comes to Salsa’s road bike lineup, we are big … Read more

Core Exercises for Cyclists

best core exercises cyclist

Having a strong core is essential for overall physical health and wellness. A strong core not only helps to create a more balanced body, but is also necessary for improved posture and to help reduce back pain. But how about for cyclists?  Should you treat your core any differently than if you are just someone … Read more

Best Road Bike Saddles

Finding the right road bike saddle is extremely important, yet often overlooked. Perhaps your original seat broke or is worn out, or you just don’t like how it feels and you want to invest in a better one.  You might invest in a great road bike, but if you are using the wrong saddle with … Read more

How to Find Good Bike Routes

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of freedom that comes with hitting the open road or a scenic trail on a bicycle.  While the rise of indoor bike trainers and apps has growth like crazy in recent years, any cyclist will tell you that they are no substitution for riding outside. Unfortunately, finding good bike … Read more

Cyclists Legs vs. Runners Legs

cyclist vs runner leg

You can often identify a hardcore cyclist or an elite marathon runner by looking at their legs.  Given the type of workouts they do, and the body types that are naturals at each sport, cyclist and runner legs often have a consistent profile. Cyclists are known for their incredibly ripped and vascular legs, but for … Read more

Tri-Flow Lubricant for Bikes

Your bicycle is made up of moving parts, and, over time, especially if you’re cycling in difficult or rough conditions, it can wear down your bike. It’s important to take steps to prevent wear and tear from reaching your gear. Bike lubricant is a great example of this and can help ensure you’re experiencing a … Read more

Clip-On Aerobars Reviews and How-To

Sometimes, you have a road bike you love to ride, but want to be able to get more aerodynamic in the tuck position. Or perhaps you just don’t have the budget to upgrade your road bike to a true time trial bike.  That is where clip-on aerobars come in. Do aero bars alone turn your … Read more