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Should Endurance Athletes Use CBD Oil?

CBD endurance oil

It is a question we hear today that we never heard 5 years ago:  Is there a place for CBD Oil in the world of endurance fitness, running, cycling, and triathlon? The past decade has seen a rise of cannabis acceptance worldwide.  Its use is becoming more commonplace and less taboo, and the world is … Read more

Our 5 Favorite Climbs on Zwift

zwift vs peloton

Zwift has grown in its popularity by leaps and bounds, now with an estimated half a million users (maybe more) and being the talk of the town among indoor bike riders. For anyone with a smart trainer, they have no doubt heard of Zwift if they aren’t already using it. While Peloton has the huge … Read more

Best Road Bike LED Safety Lights

You have probably seen them more and more in recent years: little, blinking white or red lights that grab your attention as you are coming upon a cyclist. We have a secret for you: They work! Experiments ranging from those done at Clemson University to others done in Denmark show that using safety lights are … Read more