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Indoor Cycling Workouts


Winter arrives, or the weather is bad, or maybe you just don’t want to be cycling on the road during rush hour.  There are many reasons we move our cycling indoors when fresh air, outdoors rides are usually preferable. Indoor riding doesn’t have to be drudgery, though. In fact, in my experience, indoor cycling can … Read more

Saris H3 Smart Trainer Review

h3 vs. flux

When it comes to smart trainers, there are really three that I consider top contenders.  The Saris H3 just might be my favorite of the bunch right now, especially when factoring-in the price tag. A few big changes have happened at CycleOps over the past couple years, especially when it comes to smart trainers.  First, … Read more

Best Indoor Bike Trainers

Best Indoor Bike Trainers If you are like us, a good bike ride can make your day.  Getting outside, exploring, and having some sun on your face are all part of what we define as a great ride. One of the problems with cycling, though, is that when the weather gets bad, conditions can keep … Read more

Best Indoor Cycling Floor Mats


Indoor cycling trainers continue to get more popular as people are looking for ways to stay in shape as they rethink gym memberships, and try to stay out of dangerous road traffic.  Apps like Peloton, Zwift, and TrainerRoad have made this possible, but you have to get the space adequately set up before downloading the … Read more

Tacx Flow Review

Trainers could be exactly what you need to keep your cycling game on point without heading outside, especially in inclement weather.  When the weather turns cold, wet, or snowy, getting off of the roads or trails can be a relief.  Snowy riding is challenging unless you have a fat tire bike, and riding a bike … Read more

Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer Review

wahoo kickr review

Wahoo evolved as a different type of cycling trainer company.  Whereas a company like CycleOps was borne out of the traditional bike trainer market, Wahoo started in 2009 as the maker of connectivity and sensor devices.  It was only after three or four years in business that they actually decided to make a trainer, the … Read more