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Vittoria Corsa Pro vs. Corsa Speed vs. Continental 5000 Road Bike Tires

The Vittoria Corsa Pro and Vittoria Corsa Speed, alongside the Continental 5000, have emerged as the leading options for avid cyclists who need the best speed from their tires. These tires are all designed to provide good speed and acceleration on various road conditions, but they also have some subtle differences that are worth knowing about before you buy one.

The Vittoria Corsa series is celebrated for its blend of low rolling resistance, grip, and durability. The Corsa Pro model offers a balanced performance that appeals to both competitive and casual riders. The Vittoria Corsa Speed is focused on delivering the lowest rolling resistance and is a top choice for time trials and high-speed endeavors. Its thin tread and puncture-protection layer make it a specialized tire for races against the clock.

Conti 5000
Conti Grand Prix 5000

The venerable Continental 5000 tire is a direct competitor, renowned for its all-round performance. It incorporates Continental’s latest technologies, like the BlackChili compound and Vectran breaker, offering exceptional grip and puncture resistance. We have always appreciated its versatility and reliability, which is why it has become a staple on the road biking scene for various types of riders and terrains.

All are considered some of the best road bike tires on the market today.

Overview of 3 Premium Road Bike Tires

When it comes down to it, most cyclists are trying to balance between speed, durability, and puncture resistance. Every tire has a set of tradeoffs. The key is knowing which tradeoffs you can live with and which are nonstarters for you.

Vittoria Corsa Pro

The Vittoria Corsa Pro tire is recognized for its excellent grip and durability. Cyclists like its puncture resistance and consistent air retention, particularly in the tubeless models when used with sealant. Though it may be marginally slower than some competitors, reliable sources suggest that its overall performance is comparable to other top-tier tires.

Vittoria Corsa Speed

For riders who are focused mainly on speed, the Vittoria Corsa Speed emerges as a top choice, reportedly saving about 3 watts per tire compared to other models. Ideal for time trials and smooth tarmac racing, this tire offers an aerodynamic advantage. However, it is optimized for speed at the potential cost of reduced puncture resistance, a tradeoff that we don’t think is worth it for most cyclists.

Continental 5000

The Continental 5000 is a versatile all-rounder that has stood the test of time, touted for its balance between aerodynamics and durability. This tire is a favorite for a wide range of road cycling activities, from training to racing time trials. Its popularity stems from a combination of good puncture resistance and a competitive price point, making it a repeat choice for many cyclists.

Comparative Analysis

We wanted to get down-and-dirty with each tire, having them in hand both on a rim and off. Here is what we saw.

Vittoria Corsa Pro
Vittoria Corsa Pro

Performance Factors

The Vittoria Corsa Pro and Corsa Speed tires are known for their superior grip and comfort, especially in wet conditions. The Corsa Pro balances flexibility and strength for a responsive ride, while the Corsa Speed is designed for optimal speed with a lighter construction. The Continental 5000 is the jack-of-all-trades, recognized for its exceptional handling and all-around performance, making it a versatile option.

Tire Durability

In terms of durability, the Continental 5000 shows a resilience that is well-suited for high-mileage riders — really important to our testers. It’s built with a robust Vectran breaker layer which contributes to its longevity. The Vittoria Corsa Pro, with its thicker tread, also offers an impressive lifespan and our team has owned some Corsa Pros that stand-up very well to wear. The Vittoria Corsa Speed, though highly efficient for race day, may not have the same long-term durability due to its focus on reducing weight for speed. You’ll probably have more flats.

Rolling Resistance

A lower rolling resistance translates to faster speeds on the road. The Vittoria Corsa Speed is specifically designed to minimize rolling resistance, giving it an edge in time-trial and race scenarios. The edge is slight, but might be noticeable if you are being timed. The Continental 5000 competes closely with a laser-focused design on low rolling resistance while maintaining good grip. The Vittoria Corsa Pro offers a balance between low resistance and other performance factors but may not be as optimized as the Corsa Speed in this particular aspect.

Our Road Test

We did a few spins with each of the three tires — there is no substitute for actually riding them on real roads and trails. In test-riding the Vittoria Corsa Pro, Corsa Speed, and the Continental 5000, we observed notable differences in real-world conditions.

Vittoria Corsa Speed
Vittoria Corsa Speed

Speed Comparison

  • Vittoria Corsa Speed: Offers a very slight speed advantage on certain (perfect) road conditions. However, the gain is subtle and may not be perceptible during a ride. Probably more of a time trial advantage.
  • Vittoria Corsa Pro: Provides a reliable alternative with basically the same speed, with competitive speed and efficiency noted. The differences in speed compared to the Corsa Speed are very minute for non-competitive riders. The tire feels more durable, and we’re all about fewer flats.
  • Continental 5000: Remains a firm favorite for its all-around capabilities, rolls nicely and can accelerate easily, is durable enough to withstand road debris. Our team often chooses it for its consistency during different types of rides.

Mounting and Durability

  • All tires mounted as expected, no significant differences were observed.
  • Our riders had a couple flats with the Vittoria, but none with the Continental 5000. We can’t say this was a controlled experiment though — road and riding conditions change by the hour as you know.

Rider Preferences

  • Several riders expressed a preference for the Continental 5000 during training, citing its balance of speed and durability.
  • For time trials, the Vittoria Corsa Speed was the overwhelming preferred choice, although many riders were content with the Continental 5000.

Aero and Rolling Resistance

  • In terms of aerodynamics, there are some very slight differences but are generally they are overshadowed by other factors such as rider position and equipment.
  • The Vittoria Corsa Pro and the Continental 5000 were both found to provide exceptional grip and control, especially on less than perfect road surfaces.

While the Vittoria Corsa Speed might be the choice for shaving off fractions in time trials, for most road applications and training, most riders won’t notice the speed difference — unless you are laying it down on a long, flat stretch to PR on a Strava segment. For most of us, the Continental 5000 and Vittoria Corsa Pro provide an excellent balance of performance, reliability, and most importantly durability. One flat on the road will negate any fractional speed gains, many times over.

Sizing and Compatibility

All three tires come in the standard sizes and builds you would expect for serious road bikers. You can get clincher, tubeless, or tubular options in each. By the way, if you aren’t switching to tubeless, what are you waiting for?!moving to outdoor cycling

The Vittoria Corsa Pro comes in 700 x 25c, 700 x 28c, and 700 x 30c.

The Vittoria Corsa Speed has a bit more limited selection given it is geared toward time trialers, coming in 700 x 23c and 700 x 25c.

The Continental 5000 comes in the most sizes, given its popularity. You can find it in 700 x 23c, 700 x 25c, 700 x 28c, and 700 x 32c. That last size gets into smaller gravel bike tire territory.

Consumer Reviews

The Vittoria Corsa Pro generally receives praise for its balance between grip and durability. Cyclists appreciate its performance on both dry and wet conditions. One reviewer mentioned, “It’s a reliable all-rounder for anyone looking at a premium tire option.”

Moving to the Vittoria Corsa Speed, it is commended for its exceptional rolling resistance. Riders interested in time trials and racing find it highly beneficial. A cycling enthusiast noted, “You can feel the speed difference, especially on smoother surfaces.”

For the Continental 5000, users are often impressed with its puncture resistance and longevity. Many find it to be a great option for everyday use due to its balanced characteristics. A regular rider shared, “They’ve lasted me thousands of miles with no flats.”

Tire ModelPositivesCommon Critiques
Vittoria Corsa ProBalances grip and longevitySlightly less durable in tough roads
Vittoria Corsa SpeedLow rolling resistance, great for racingNot ideal for rough surfaces
Continental 5000Excellent puncture resistance, high durabilityMarginally heavier than competitors


Most reviewers recommend these tires to their fellow cyclists and often repurchase after the tires wear out, indicating customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Price and Value Comparison

Generally speaking, the three tires are in the same basic price range, with the Corsa Speeds running just a little higher but not to an extreme.  Expect them to be $60 to $75, depending on where and when you are buying them.  If you want to order them from home, you can find them here:

Vittoria Corsa Pro: Find here

Vittoria Corsa Speed: Find here

Continental 5000: Find here

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