Complete Tri

Jim Joyner

Jim Joyner is an accomplished triathlete and endurance cyclist, and has raced in more than 35 USAT-certified races.  He is also an avid trail runner and endurance gravel bike rider. Jim is a founder of Complete Tri and frequent writer on triathlon and cycling.

His areas of expertise are in endurance training, cycling, triathlon technique, race direction, and training plans.  In addition to writing extensively about the endurance world, he has managed gyms and fitness centers in the US.  Jim is a longtime writer for Complete Tri, Compression Design, and his work can be found on the resource pages of many triathlon and cycling clubs in North America.

Jim’s annual piece on the best destination triathlons gets accolades from many in the triathlon community. 

Jim has been a member of several high-caliber triathlon and cycling teams and clubs, giving him great real-world perspective from many athletes on the topics of training, gear, injuries, and race strategy.