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Rotator Cuff Injury From Swimming

rotator cuff injury

Swimming is a notoriously good sport when it comes to preventing injuries.  Compared to running, and the impact that it places on your joints, swimming is a low-impact, high-cardio sport that generally allows an athlete to not worry much about injury.  With that said, there is at least one overuse injury that we hear from … Read more

Triathlon Swimming Training

Whether you are trying to get into swimming for the first time, or go from “good to great” for your triathlon swimming, working on your swim is a key part of your training plan. Getting your triathlon swim stroke back after a winter of easy pool swims, or creating a good swim stroke if you … Read more

At what temps can you use a wetsuit?

wetsuit triathalon

Wetsuits are common in triathlons, but not always universally allowed. Most triathlons allow wetsuits if the water temperature is going to be below a certain level. The most hard and fast rule about what temperature makes a race wetsuit-legal comes from the USA Triathlon association, which states that swimmers using tri wetsuits at water temps … Read more

Doing a Triathlon in the Rain

I recently had an “opportunity” to race in the rain.  It was hardly my first time racing in rain, but it felt like it.  I always forget the finer points of a wet race, since most races are on nice, summer days and the only real concern is the heat, or sun, or wind. After … Read more

First-timer Wetsuit Tips

Many triathletes get a few races under their belts before shelling out hard earned cash for their very first wetsuit.  After all, you want to make sure you enjoy the sport before making major investments in it, and it is important to get your triathlon swim technique down and not simply rely on the wetsuit … Read more

How Should a Wetsuit Fit?

wetsuit fit tight

Are you in the market for a wetsuit, but don’t quite know what to be looking for, fit-wise? Knowing how a suit is supposed to fit can be tough for the first time wetsuit shopper. Buying a new piece of (expensive) neoprene isn’t quite the same as buying a new pair of jeans – prepare … Read more