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Offseason Triathlon Training Tips

You’ve raced in a triathlon, or several.  You have completed your inaugural triathlon season, or perhaps your twentieth.  What now? A triathlete’s offseason is a time to rest, refresh, plan and prepare for the next season.  It is a great time to think about fitness, rather than racing. We consider the offseason to be the … Read more

Coaching Options for Endurance Athletes

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Runners, cyclists, ultramarathoners, triathletes, and other endurance athletes can sometimes benefit from coaching. Stagnation is a fear of every athlete, the crippling feeling of a plateau.  Whether you have found yourself feeling flat, want to prevent that feeling, or simply want to see what options you have for improvement, it might be time to hire … Read more

Best Triathlon Training Plans and Guides

Whether you are a triathlon newbie or simply looking to improve your times or distances, triathlon training plans and guides can be invaluable.  Where else can you get advice from an experienced coach or triathlete from the comfort of your own home? One of the first things triathletes should do at the start of their … Read more

Best Dumbbell Racks

At some point in your fitness journey you may be looking around your workout space and seeing the clutter. When it comes to creating a comfortable and motivating weight lifting area, a dumbbell rack is a great place to start. As we see more and more endurance athletes get in to weight and strength training … Read more

Best Bike Rack or Carrier Options

We took a look at all of the car bike carriers on the market, can the best products quickly became pretty apparent.  Which bike rack you can use gets a little complicated, though, because the car you drive will impact the rack you can use. When you want to transport your bike, you are going … Read more

Winter Cycling for Triathletes and Cyclists

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In the depths of winter, triathletes and cyclists in Northern climates have to adjust their training to the weather.  Some stay outdoors (minus the swim) as much as humanly possible for their training, while others tend to take it inside at a health club or gym for several months.  While we are fans of being … Read more

Zwift vs. Sufferfest vs. Trainerroad vs. Peloton

The market for streaming cycling and bike training apps has exploded in the past three years.  A worldwide pandemic in 2020 only reminded people how important it was to be able to get a good workout without leaving home, a trend we expect to increase in 2021 and beyond. With increases in bandwidth speeds across … Read more