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Rotator Cuff Injury From Swimming

rotator cuff injury

Swimming is a notoriously good sport when it comes to preventing injuries.  Compared to running, and the impact that it places on your joints, swimming is a low-impact, high-cardio sport that generally allows an athlete to not worry much about injury.  With that said, there is at least one overuse injury that we hear from … Read more

Triathlon Swimming Training

Whether you are trying to get into swimming for the first time, or go from “good to great” for your triathlon swimming, working on your swim is a key part of your training plan. Getting your triathlon swim stroke back after a winter of easy pool swims, or creating a good swim stroke if you … Read more

How To Add Precision to Your Workouts and Training

running workouit

Adding precision to workouts can help avoid the dreaded training plateau.  We have seen it before: You are in good shape, training regularly, feeling good in your workouts, but you aren’t getting any faster or going any longer.   At this point, you have three options:  Training longer can work, but not everyone has the … Read more