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Your First Triathlon Guide eBook

Complete Tri is pleased to offer our Ebook, Your First Triathlon:  Do Your First Triathlon in 100 Days or Less.  The book is a guide for new triathletes, separating all of the noise from what you really need to know as a new triathlete.  It provides guidance on getting started, how to train, the equipment you will need, and what race day will be like.  It comes complete with our suggested 100 day training plan for beginners.

Your First Triathlon Guide eBook

Your First Triathlon also includes several discounts from trusted suppliers that could be worth $150 or more.  These discounts are exclusively found inside the book…… Your small investment in the book could payoff many times over on discounted triathlon gear for your race.

Find the book here.  Once you read it, don’t hesitate to send feedback our way!  We think you will find the content and instruction extremely useful.


What Readers are Saying

“Definitely a great resource for the beginner. I recommend this book to anyone considering their first triathlon.” – John C.

“Well done and thanks to the author. Recommended for first-timers. Read it as an introduction. Use it as a checklist for training and as encouragement for newbies.” – John O.

Thanks for the kind words, those were just a couple of the comments and reviews.  We hope this books helps others too.

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