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Tacx Flow Review

Trainers could be exactly what you need to keep your cycling game on point without heading outside, especially in inclement weather.  When the weather turns cold, wet, or snowy, getting off of the roads or trails can be a relief.  Snowy riding is challenging unless you have a fat tire bike, and riding a bike … Read more

Best Bike and Cycling Computers

best mounted bike computer

A good bike computer can be a great way to get more out of cycling.  There are lots of bike computers made by lots of different brands, but we wanted to evaluate the best cycling computers on the market today. Competitive cyclists, triathletes, touring cyclists, weekend athletes, and bike commuters alike are continuously looking for … Read more

10 Great Destination Triathlons

We are again excited to publish our list of 10 great destination triathlons in the U.S. To be considered a destination race on our list, it must offer either an Olympic or Sprint distance, have stood the test of time, and be in a special venue worthy of traveling to from other parts of the … Read more

HIIT for Runners and Cyclists

If you’re a runner or cyclist, you may have heard of HIIT training. HIIT, which stands for high-intensity interval training, is a type of exercise that is growing in popularity. It’s a great way to quickly improve your fitness level and burn calories. In this article, we will discuss what HIIT is and the benefits … Read more

Best Cycling Glasses

“Hole!” I heard it, loud and clear, yelled by the riders in front of me. But I never saw it coming until it was too late. I hit that darned pothole dead on. It was jarring and painful, but somehow I managed to keep the rubber side down and navigate my way through. Unfortunately, I … Read more

Biking in the Rain

Rain is going to happen – that doesn’t always mean you have to stay indoors and skip your ride. And what do you do if you’re bike camping or in the middle of on a long tour and it starts to rain? Following the right steps and tips can make all the difference when it … Read more