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Best eBikes Under $2,000

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E-bikes are more popular than ever! E-bikes help people ride further, faster, make riding more fun, and help people get on a bike who otherwise couldn’t. And with more manufacturers making e-bikes than ever before, the cost of an e-bike has become much more accessible, as well.  We are going to take a look at … Read more

Common Bike Shop Costs

Your bike will likely need regular maintenance and repairs. Your options are to either have some bike tools at home to do the basics, or find a good bike shop to help you out. But what common costs are associated with bike ownership? While prices and services will definitely vary from shop to shop, below … Read more

Can you retrofit disc brakes on a non-disc bike frame?

Mountain bikers have known for a long time that disc brakes have superior stopping power under adverse conditions over rim brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes will magnify the stopping force of your hands, while disc rotors are better at stopping even in mud, wet, and dirt. The technology is trickling over into other riding disciplines, such … Read more

Tools Every Cyclist Should Own

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You don’t need an entire bicycle workshop to take care of your bike. But having a few essential tools on hand will help you do some basic bike maintenance and minor repairs, allowing you to fix things quickly and avoiding higher bike shop repair costs.  In addition, the right tools can help you salvage a … Read more