7 Best Cycling Deals

Finding great deals on cycling gear takes a little time and research, but we did the work for you by curating this list of 7 great cycling deals right now. Check out these nice discounts from quality cycling brands we trust.

Bike Computer

Garmin Edge Bike 1030 Computer.  Save 25% on the Edge 1030, a great all-purpose bike computer from Garmin, with plenty of connectivity and messaging features in addition to all of the tracking capabilities that you would expect.  We especially like the ability for the computer to help find routes, whether they are “trendline” routes that are particularly popular, or Strava routes that are syncing with the computer.  Find it here.

Smart Trainer

TACX Neo 2 Trainer.  One of our favorite smart bike trainers on the market, the only knock on the Neo 2 is often its price tag. That is made a little better this holiday season by a 28% discount, which will save you several hundred dollars.

The TACX smart trainers are known to be the quietest on the market, something that is hard to do with magnetic resistance-based trainers.  Ride with Zwift or other apps this winter.  Find the Neo 2 here.

Bike Shorts

Sugui Evolution Bike Shorts.  Everyone could use more bike shorts.  When you buy a pair of Pearl Izumis, you know you are investing in a quality product.

The Evolution bike shorts have Pearl Izumi’s excellent moisture-wicking fabric, a nice 9-inch inseam, and reflective fabric on the high that is highly-visible in lower light.  A great addition to your bike shorts drawer.  Find them here.

Fat Bike

Cannondale Fat CAAD 2 Bike.  Time to finally get a fat bike for your winter or mud-season rides?  You can get a good one right now for a cool 20% off – that saves you a whopping $400.

The Fat CAAD 2 is a great all-around fatty that will allow you to skip right over the entry-level lineup and get on a nice mid-range bike from the start.  You will love the agility of this lightweight fat tire bike.   Find the discount here.

Bike Trailer — Burley

Burley Bee and Bunting Bag Bundle.  Say that quickly three times.  For those of you who having a little one in tow, now is a great time to get a Burley Bee, one of the best bike trailers on the market today.

The Bee is our go-to one-seater, something that we’ve enjoyed for years.  As an added holiday bonus, Burley is adding a bunting bag, a nice insulated “pouch” to keep your child warm on the cooler rides.  The total package is $130 off right now if you buy directly from Burley.  Find it here.

Jenson USA Stock

20% off Any Full-Price item at Jenson USA.  Jenson decided that they would make it easy for all of us, and instead of having select items go on sale, you can get 20% any full-priced item by using the coupon code BLCKFRDY at their website.

Jenson carries some very nice, quality-brand stuff, so the 20% off deal could be a real benefit.

Cycling Jacket

Canari Razor Convertible Bike Jacket.  Having another lightweight bike jacket around is a good idea.  It is ideal to have a couple different weights to choose from, and if you find yourself in heavy training season you might want one in the wash while you are using the other.  The Canari is a functional and affordable way to add a good bike jacket to the mix, now at more than 30% off.  Find it here.




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