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7 Best Cycling Deals

Black Friday weekend tends to be a great time to stock up on cycling gear, whether your focus is road biking, indoor cycling, mountain or fat tire, or just getting some better apparel.

Here are the best 7 Black Friday deals we found.

Bike Computer

50% off Stages M50 Bike Computer (here).  Save 30% on the a really good GPS-enabled bike computer from Stages.  The M50 serves a dual purpose of providing your vital stats and speed, and helping manage your route when you are on the road.  Color display provides easy, at-a-glance output for you, and it is compatible with all the apps.Stages Cycling Dash M50 GPS Bike Computer It might not be as advanced as a Hammerhead or Garmin Edge 1030, but it is way, way less expensive.

If you have been holding off on using a bike computer, or perhaps your old one broke, this is a great opportunity to get a newer one and save a money of money doing.  Get it here for 50% off.


Garmin Watches

18% to 30% off Garmin Watches (here).  Garmin is the standard when it comes to connected fitness trackers, and its two lines of watches for athletes — the Fenix and the VivoActive — are both found at a deep discount this weekend.Best Cycling Deals Perhaps our favorite deal of the bunch is the cutting-edge Garmin Fenix 6 for 27% off.

Triathlon watches have come a long way in the past few years, and now they are meant to be round-the-lock health trackers.  The functionality is incredible.  If you have been waiting to pull the trigger on our new watch, now is the time to do it.  Fenix 6, Fenix 5, and all VivoActive models are available, and you are going to save real money, here.

Smart Trainer

15% off the TACX Neo T2 Smart Trainer.  It might not be a massive discount, but we rarely see our favorite high-end smart trainer on sale like this.  15% on this unit equates to a $200 savings, which is nothing to ignore.tacx neo 2t review We wrote about our love for the Tacx NEO T2, its incredibly quiet operation, smooth and stable pedaling, and features such as an intensity light and the ability to simulate rough roads on Zwift.  Needless to say, we are big fans, and this is the very trainer that many of us use at home ourselves.  In short, it is our favorite trainer on the market.

You can get it now for 15% off at REI.

Cycling Gloves

25% off the Castelli Estremo Cycling Gloves.  The wrong time to realize that you need better cycling gloves is when you are a mile into your ride.  Stock up now so you are ready for anything winter throws at you.cycling deals discounts

The Estremo gloves are warm, comfortable, and most importantly, water-resistant  Some cycling gloves really fail the second they get wet.  These will keep moisture out so the glove’s thermal properties can keep doing their job.

We have found the gloves to be highly-effective down into the 20s (degrees fahrenheit).

Find here on Amazon.


Pearl Izumi clothing

25% all Pearl Izumi apparel at Competitive Cyclist.  It is hard not to like Pearl Izumi gear.  They make, perhaps, the best all-purpose cycling apparel on the market.  Our “best of” lists at Complete Tri are littered with PI lines, because they are that good.Best Cycling DealsWe love PI’s triathlon clothing, but the company’s roots are really with their cycling lineup.

Cycling gear is something that you just need to have on hand, so why not stock up when you can get a great discount.  Right now, you will get 25% off — and up to 40% off — Pearl Izumi gear at Competitive Cyclist.


Louis Garneau Clothing

25% off all LG gear at Competitive Cyclist.  Just like Pearl Izumi above, we are huge fans of LG gear and their products can be found in many of our “best of” lists.  They make some of the best bike shorts on the planet, but their gear in many other categories is outstanding as discounts

Among other things, we love Garneau bike shorts.  They are really a cut above.  But there are some killer deals on Garneau’s excellent cycling shoes and tops too.  Be sure to check out the blue Mondo Evo Jersey for nearly half off.

We love LG bike clothing, and you will find a lot of it in our own closets.  Right now, get 20 to 47% off any LG gear.


More Smart Trainers

Best Cycling DealsThe Tacx Flux just might be the best all-around smart trainer on the market for the money.  For under $1,000, you can have a machine that is state-of-the-art and allows you to easily connect to Zwift and other apps.

This holiday season, you can find the Tacx Flux for $100 off.  Not bad for such a high-end trainer, and one that we don’t see on sale very often.  We have written about it before, but we really love this smart trainer.

If you have thought about getting in to the smart training world this winter, now is a perfect time to take the first plunge and get setup with a trainer that we highly recommend.

Find it here for $100 off.

Kids Balance Bike

Get the next generation of riders on the trail with a Coop REV Kids Balance Bike, now at 20% off.  The bike will allow kids to get the feel for balancing their bodyweight, and in a way that doesn’t have pedals to interfere with the progress.  This technique has been shown to accelerate kids’ ability to learn how to ride a bike.  You can get the Co-op REV 12 right now for a cool 20% off.

Best Cycling Deals


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