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Best Fat Bike Tire Guide

fat bike tire

Cycling can be a notorious rabbit hole for those easily taken with marketing claims.  Admittedly, it is a past time that attracts gear junkies.  The vast options for fat bike tires is no exception. The newest bikes, parts, and accessories offer competitive cyclists a leg up, and even tempt recreational riders with promises of a … Read more

Best E-Bike Tires

e-bike tire continental

E-bikes have exploded in popularity. As e-bikes get used more and more, their tires can wear, which requires some knowledge of which are the best e-bike tires to use as replacements. Selecting the right e-bike tire depends heavily on your riding type and the terrain the bike is used on. Urban riders might prioritize smooth … Read more

Thule T2 and T2 Pro XT Bike Rack Review

As far as hitch-based bike racks go, the Thule T2 lineup (classic and Pro XT) are sturdy, durable, and will get the job done for a long, long time.  While the price is a little higher than we would prefer, if you have the ability to extend your budget to this price point, you won’t … Read more

Should You Buy a Used Bike?

Should You Buy Used Bike: A Guide to Used Cycle Shopping When I first started cycling more seriously I (like many of you) had some sticker shock at the price of new bikes. Unless you are a high-earner getting into cycling after making a few bucks, it can seem crazy to spend as much on … Read more

Tacx Flux Smart Trainer Review

tacx flux 2 review

The Flux models, the Flux 2 and Flux S by Tacx, are solid smart trainer options for the money.  The term “sweet spot” comes to mind when writing about them — they occupy a nice price point but also provide impressive functionality. What we like most about the Flux models is that they give you … Read more

5 Great Entry-Level Road Bikes

best felt road bike $

We love seeing people get into cycling – whether it is purely recreational, or to build up to longer rides, or to ultimately compete in a bike race or triathlon.  Our attitude is that the more cyclists there are — regardless of your budget — the more demand for trails, dedicated bike lanes, and bike … Read more

Our 5 Favorite Climbs on Zwift

zwift vs peloton

Zwift has grown in its popularity by leaps and bounds, now with an estimated half a million users (maybe more) and being the talk of the town among indoor bike riders. For anyone with a smart trainer, they have no doubt heard of Zwift if they aren’t already using it. While Peloton has the huge … Read more

Best eBikes Under $2,000

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E-bikes are more popular than ever! E-bikes help people ride further, faster, make riding more fun, and help people get on a bike who otherwise couldn’t. And with more manufacturers making e-bikes than ever before, the cost of an e-bike has become much more accessible, as well.  We are going to take a look at … Read more