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Common Bike Shop Costs

Your bike will likely need regular maintenance and repairs. Your options are to either have some bike tools at home to do the basics, or find a good bike shop to help you out. But what common costs are associated with bike ownership? While prices and services will definitely vary from shop to shop, below … Read more

Can you retrofit disc brakes on a non-disc bike frame?

Mountain bikers have known for a long time that disc brakes have superior stopping power under adverse conditions over rim brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes will magnify the stopping force of your hands, while disc rotors are better at stopping even in mud, wet, and dirt. The technology is trickling over into other riding disciplines, such … Read more

Mountain Bikes vs Gravel Bikes

I like to call my gravel bike my all-road bike because it goes on just about every kind of road. Mountain bikes, however, can be a little more terrain-specific. And while there is a lot of cross-over between the two types, there are a lot of differences and nuances, too. Keep reading to see just … Read more

Best Cycling Gloves

There are many reasons cyclists might wear gloves.  They can help cushion your hands and prevent callouses.  Some cycling gloves are designed to keep your hands warm. Other gloves can give you protection against a spill.  The best cycling gloves can do a little of everything. Finding the right glove depends partly on the type … Read more

What Muscles Does Cycling Work?


Cycling is a great workout, giving you an excellent cardiovascular workout without all the pounding that you get from running.  But what are the big muscle groups involved when out there cranking on the pedals?   Here are the major muscle groups that are getting good work when you bike. Muscles Used in Cycling Quads First, … Read more

Best Triathlon Watches

There was a time when running or sports watches could only offer time and heart rate, and offered little additional value.  Thankfully, those times are long gone.  With the proliferation of GPS-enabled devices and better waterproofing, today’s best triathlon watches are quite advanced in their offering and can help any athlete train with more precision. … Read more

Salsa Journeyer Bike Review

Salsa has been making high-quality bikes since the early 80s. The Minnesota-based brand has always focused on making a solid variety of bikes, and today makes some top-notch road, gravel, and fat tire bikes. For the money, we consider it a very good brand. When it comes to Salsa’s road bike lineup, we are big … Read more