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Saris H3 Smart Trainer Review

h3 vs. flux

When it comes to smart trainers, there are really three that we consider top contenders.  The Saris H3 just might be our favorite of the bunch right now, especially when factoring-in the price tag. A few big changes have happened at CycleOps over the past couple years, especially when it comes to smart trainers.  First, … Read more

Perfect Zwift Setup

best smart trainer quiet

Getting setup with your indoor biking system at home seems simple.  You choose the device first. Smart trainer? Old-Fashioned trainer?  Integrated, higher-end system like Peloton? You will make the right call, we are sure of it. Then you choose the app or service that you want to use.  If you went with an integrated system … Read more

Garmin 830 Bike Computer Review

The Garmin Edge 830 was released in May 2019 and it’s still going strong, although having recently been replaced in the lineup by the 840. It is a strong contender on our annual list of the best bike computers. If you’re looking to add a new bike computer to your bicycle, you’ll definitely want to … Read more

5 Great Entry-Level Road Bikes

best felt road bike $

We love seeing people get into cycling – whether it is purely recreational, or to build up to longer rides, or to ultimately compete in a bike race or triathlon.  Our attitude is that the more cyclists there are — regardless of your budget — the more demand for trails, dedicated bike lanes, and bike … Read more

Power Meter Buying Guide – Review of the Best Models

Cycling power meters can help cyclists take their conditioning and speed to the next level.  A good power meter might not be on the “basic needs” list for a beginner, but many intermediate and advanced cyclists and triathletes can benefit from one.  Powermeters can be relatively easy to install, and used both with tri bikes … Read more

Cycling and Biking Statistics

If you read much of our content, you will know that we LOVE cycling. Whether it is chewing-up the gravel roads, cruising along on a road bike, or tackling tougher terrain with a fat bike or mountain bike, we just enjoy the idea that you can explore so much ground on a bike. This fascination … Read more