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Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer Review

wahoo kickr review

Wahoo evolved as a different type of cycling trainer company.  Whereas a company like CycleOps was borne out of the traditional bike trainer market, Wahoo started in 2009 as the maker of connectivity and sensor devices.  It was only after three or four years in business that they actually decided to make a trainer, the … Read more

7 Best Cycling Shorts

castelli aero 4

Outside of your bike and its key components, and of course your helmet to protect your head, cycling shorts might be most important bike gear purchase you make. We always suggest prioritizing “contact points” when thinking about upgrading your bike.  What more important contact point than where  your backside meets your bike seat? Cycling shorts … Read more

7 Best Cycling Deals

Black Friday weekend tends to be a great time to stock up on cycling gear, whether your focus is road biking, indoor cycling, mountain or fat tire, or just getting some better apparel. Here are the best 7 Black Friday deals we found. Bike Computer 50% off Stages M50 Bike Computer (here).  Save 30% on … Read more

Bike Safety Tips

Any cyclist with any mileage behind them remembers close calls with motorists.  When I think back to the close calls I’ve had over the years, there are a few that quickly come to mind and make me cringe, and two more from last summer were officially added to the list. Most recently, I was stopped … Read more

Triathlon Tops and Singlets

Triathlon tops, or singlets, are a useful part of a triathlon wardrobe.   A good tri top feels great during the race and is easy-to-use in the transitions.  Sure, you can just wear a t-shirt or cycling shirt, but there are some disadvantages which we cover below. Maybe most importantly for those trying to improve their … Read more

Bontrager DuoTrap Review

duotrap s

The Bontrager DuoTrap is an intriguing device for cyclists, especially those who use Trek bikes.  We needed to take a look at one close-up, and share with you our thoughts.  Overall, the DuoTrap is a good, smart device to add precision to your training, as long as you are using a bike that is compatible … Read more

Orca Sonar Review

Wetsuit Fit

The Sonar is Orca’s best-selling mid range suit.  It is highly versatile and for the majority of triathletes is probably the best choice in Orca’s lineup.  It’s a great “value” suit – moderately priced but jam packed with features – many of which were on Orca’s top-of-the-line wetsuits just a year or two ago.   … Read more