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5 Great Sources for Triathlon Wetsuit Discounts

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One of the most common question we receive each season is “where can I find discounted triathlon wetsuits”.  The allure of getting a cheap wetsuit or a smoking deal on one is something that people will seemingly search to the ends of the earth for. There are two types of less-expensive wetsuits:  Good wetsuits that … Read more

Orca Sonar Review

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The Sonar is Orca’s best-selling mid range suit.  It is highly versatile and for the majority of triathletes is probably the best choice in Orca’s lineup.  It’s a great “value” suit – moderately priced but jam packed with features – many of which were on Orca’s top-of-the-line wetsuits just a year or two ago.   … Read more

Blue Seventy Reaction Wetsuit Review

Blue Seventy (branded as “blueseventy”) has been making some of our favorite wetsuits lately.  The Blue Seventy Helix just might be in the running our favorite wetsuit on the market, and the entire lineup is well thought-out and made with top engineering.  Sitting firmly in the $400-$500 price point is the Blue Seventy Reaction.  The … Read more

Orca Alpha Wetsuit Review

Orca has been cranking out great wetsuits for a few years, and at any race you will see a good representation of triathletes donned in their Orca suits.  The Orca Alpha is their top-of-the-line wetsuit, a great model topping off a solid top-to-bottom lineup.  The Alpha is popular, and for good reason.  Here, will give … Read more

Blue Seventy Helix Wetsuit Review

The Blue Seventy Helix has for years been one of our favorite triathlon wetsuits on the market, at any price range.  We try to be as impartial as possible but we know a great wetsuit when we see it, and the Helix fits the bill.  Best of all, it just keeps getting better.  Blueseventy, along … Read more

Orca Equip Triathlon Wetsuit Review

Orca Equip Wetsuit Triathlon

The Orca Equip has a proven track of success for those who are serious about their open water swimming, but also a price point that makes it affordable for beginner triathletes.  Orca has been making the equip for several years, and its presence as a mainstay in the Orca lineup shows just how popular it … Read more

Orca Triathlon Wetsuit Brand Review

Orca has come a long way since Kiwi age-grouper Scott Unsworth began selling his ‘speedsuits’ from the back of his car in 1992 at local race events.   With an unsurpassed Olympic (and not to mention Ironman) pedigree, Orca continues to provide innovative wetsuit designs for today’s top triathletes.  For 2013, the Orca lineup boasts 5 … Read more

Quintana Roo Triathlon Wetsuit Brand Review

Note: Quintana Roo stopped making wetsuits in 2013.  If you are looking for a newer model wetsuit, check out our recommendations for entry-level wetsuits or high-end wetsuits.  If you are considering a used QR wetsuit, read on! —————– Quintana Roo (or “QR” as the brand’s fans call it) is perhaps the most venerable brand in … Read more