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Elite Suito Review

When it comes to indoor biking trainers, Suito has flown a bit under the radar, at least in North America.  The Elite Suito bike trainer is Elite’s answer to good-but-affordable trainers from other manufacturers, in a class with TACX Flux.  The Suito has everything that cyclists need for winter training or indoor warmups.  We gave the Suito the test like we did with the others in its class, and you can find our professional review of the Elite Suito Bike here and make your decision accordingly. 

Elite Suito Bike Trainer Specifications

Elite Suito bike trainer has a slope simulation of 15%, an accurate measurement of 2.5%, and a power output of 1900w.  Generally speaking, this is the type of spec you will see in models like the Wahoo Kickr Core, which along with the Tacx Flux might be the Suito’s stiffest competition.  The trainer is quiet, solid, powerful, and provides users an interactive experience. Its futuristic design offers an accurate, safe, realistic, and easy indoor biking workout. Unlike other indoor bike trainers, you do not have to assemble the Elite Suito Trainer, as it is pre-assembled, packed in a box for your ease.  Its pre-installed features are an 11-speed cassette or equivalent Shimano 105. Suito is highly compatible with the majority of bicycles, and with a compact outline, it provides an easy Plug and Play option. 

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What’s New?

This trainer is completely compatible with the more common 9, 10, and 11 speed cassettes from Shimano or SRAM, but for a 12 speed, the user needs to purchase an additional cassette adaptor. The pre-assembled Elite Suito Bike trainer box also comes with adaptors for both thru-axles having a measurement of 142x12mm and a quick release skewer of 130mm and 135mm. Setting up these parts is a piece of cake as you have to only rip off the packaging, extend the legs, fit the aforementioned skewers, plug the machine, and then you are ready to hit it hard and get your indoor bike training season underway.  Within 10 minutes of opening the box, the bike trainer becomes ready to use.

After the set-up the approximate measurement of Elite Suito becomes 49 cm tall, 76 cm wide, and 57cm long, and it is easy to store when its legs are folded inside. This is because the width is minimised to 20 cm while height and length remain the same, which is impressive and different from other indoor bike training models which make the product too easily pushed under the bed or stuck in a cupboard. 

The productive specifications are quite impressive, but a different freehub is needed for the Campagnolo componentry. With its highly advanced technological features, it can be connected to and controlled through laptops, smartphones, and tablets via Bluetooth, FE-C and ANT+, and it is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.  The use of the product is undoubtedly amazing and no issues arose while connecting the product to the software, such as Zwift (on which a one-month free trial is provided by Elite as well for your ease). 

Extended Features  

Plug and play

The Suito excels when it comes to the initial setup. 

As compared to other Elite home trainers, Suito is the most innovative as it is configured with a practical Plug and Play option.  It is specially designed to give users easy, safe, and quick indoor cycling training sessions.  The main characteristic of this indoor bike trainer is its fully assembled structure with a smooth paddle.  You neither have to assemble the legs nor the sprocket cassette of the home trainer. 

Exclusive Design

Elite Suito bike trainer has a durable steel structure, making it a long-lasting and reliable product. The product has ensured durability and stability throughout the strong sprints. Elite Suito’s design is not only powerful, solid, aggressive, and elegant, but its design also features pre-assembled legs and a wider support base for your comfort.  Its design is extremely effortless because when left unfolded, the trainer locks automatically.   If you are looking for something on which you can start your workout as quickly as possible, then the Elite Suito bike trainer is the best fit for you. Additionally, the product is designed in such a way that it becomes compatible with different sprockets sets in the market and various bicycle models.  The model weighs

Elite Suito

14.5 kilograms, and its wide handle makes the product easy to carry anywhere. The model ensures reduced clutter and its reduced size take less space and makes it easily portable anywhere.  With an integrated handle, slim profile and smooth paddle, you can enjoy an extraordinary athletic indoor biking experience. 

Power and Precision

For those who are trying to be highly-structured or adding precision to their training plan, the power and precision of the product are of crucial importance.  With many other advantages, Elite Suito is able to simulate the indoor cycling slope experience up to 15% with an accuracy range of +/- 2.5. At the speed of 40 km/h, Elite Suito trainer shows 1900 watts resistance.  In the current market, Suito can be considered a strong contender in the $800 to $1,000 price range, as it holds the potential to accommodate the most demanding sprints and release your strength in the most effective manner. For a precise, measured, and accurate workout or cycling experience, the product also has a built-in supply of power measurements. 

Sensorless Cadence

Elite Suito indoor bike trainer has innovated on several smart features, like the other brands have. This home trainer immediately sends the cadence, speed, and power data, a standard feature in today’s smart trainer market.  You want as little lag as possible when you hit a hill, or when you stand and really crank on the frame.  We did not sense any latency in the Suito. It worked great to observe that with sensorless technology, the trainer was able to accurately measure the cadence, and as a function of speed variation, it is calculated at Suito. 


The adequate weight of the trainer and wide legs are capable of providing a safe and stable indoor bike ride.  With the smooth peddle, you are able to hold the wattage you need so you can get a quality indoor workout on the trainer. Ride experience and feel is very smooth, but it is nearly similar to Flux S and Core experience.15% is the maximum gradient of Suito, which is more than enough for practising mountain cycling.  However, this gradient is one percent less than the Wahoo Kickr Core, but the other features of  Elite Suito are far better than Wahoo Kickr Core, which simply means that the product is not a deal-breaker. 


Elite Suito bike trainer is available for purchase in more than 70 countries around the globe. You can easily find it on e-commerce websites such as Amazon (here), while the list of the distributors can easily be found on Elite’s website. The unique selling point of Elite Suito is that you can save a good chunk of money because the cassette comes with the trainer. As compared to other indoor trainers in the market, Suito is relatively cheaper. The actual price of the Elite Suito lies somewhere between Tacx Flux, and Wahoo KICKR Core.

Elite Suito

You can also find it on REI, and advantage if you prefer the option of local pick-up (assuming you live in a metro area).

Modes of Elite Suito 

Elite Suito is capable of altering its resistance automatically depending on the application methods, but there are two core modes on which the Elite Suito operates:

ERG Mode

In this mode, the trainer remains at the speed of 210w independent of the gearing setting, and it remains on a specific power level. 

Simulation Mode

In this mode, Elite Suito becomes 10% inclined, which is perfect for outdoor grade driving simulation. When you are cycling in this mode, you have a choice of changing the gear set to make it either hard or easy. You can also call the simulation mode “slope mode” as in this mode Elite Suito can incline from 0% and can reach up to 15%, which is a plus point of this product as compared to the competitors. 

Summing Up

Considering the current market of smart trainers, Elite Suito is a strong contender if your budget for a smart trainer is in the sub-$900 range.. What I liked most about Suito is that it comes pre-assembled: just plug it in, and you are ready for a hassle-free indoor bike riding experience!

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