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5 Best Triathlon Wetsuit Clearance Deals

We are always on the lookout for the best triathlon wetsuit deals on the market.  Wetsuits are a little like clothing — makers create inventory that they need to sell, or switch their lineup and try to get rid of the excess models.  When they do this, you can be the beneficiary.  While a hot-selling … Read more

Desoto Wetsuit Brand Review

DeSoto’s T1 Wetsuits are known above all else for one feature: their innovative 2-piece construction.  DeSoto is the only brand to feature a 2-piece wetsuit, and the small but passionate company claims several performance advantages to the design.   For one, it separates leg motion from arm motion to eliminate torso stretch in the suit and … Read more

When is the Best Time to Buy a Wetsuit?

Late each summer, we start seeing lots of marketing of season-end triathlon gear sales.  Triathlon wetsuits, bikes, suits, and other gear seem to all have big clearance sales.  We occasionally get the question “when is the best time to buy a wetsuit”.  While we’re not sure there is a definitive answer, here are our thoughts. … Read more

When Wetsuits are Illegal: Wetsuits in Warm Water Temps

Around July or August of each year, many popular triathlons struggle with the question of whether they should allow wetsuits or not.  We outline the recommended temps for using wetsuits in a different article, but in general water temps above 78 degrees are not very conducive to wetsuits.  In some cases, using a wetsuit in … Read more

$75 Triathlon Wetsuits. For Real?

One of the more common questions we receive is on the low-end wetsuits available on the market.  Any quick Ebay search will yield a whole slew of wetsuits in the $50 – $100 range, much cheaper than even the entry-level wetsuits from reliable triathlon gear names.  The logic is this:  Why buy a $300 wetsuit … Read more

More Open Water Swim Tips, From a Lifegaurd Perspective

A few weeks ago, we began posting some open water swim tips.  This list will grow over time as there are literally dozens of great tips when it comes to open water swimming and triathlon swimming. In addition to racing in triathlons, I regularly volunteers to help with the swim leg of local triathlons.  Through that experience, … Read more

TYR Triathlon Wetsuit Brand Review

The TYR brand was founded in 1985 by Steve Furniss and Joseph DiLorenzo in California. Steve Furniss is a former Olympic Bronze medal winner and was the captain of the 1976 U.S. Olympic swim team while Joseph DiLorenzo is the owner and president of TYR sports and its sister company Swimwear Anywhere Inc.  TYR was … Read more

Four Things to Do to Your Wetsuit Before Your First Race

Whether you are dusting off a 5-year old wetsuit for another Tri season, or have purchased a new one that just arrived in the mail, there are four things every racer should do to thier wetsuit prior to a new season.  Following these simple steps takes just a little time but can extend the life … Read more

Xterra Volt Wetsuit Review

The Volt from Xterra is an absolute steal at an MSRP of $99, which is not much more than what you can rent a wetsuit for these days. The Volt is a sleeveless suit that debuted in 2010 and has quickly become a favorite of triathletes looking for performance on a budget. It’s also filling … Read more