Getting Rid of Athletic Gear Odors: A Review of Deodorall Sport

Anyone who has spent time in the sport of triathlon, or any other sport for that matter, has experienced one of the unfortunate byproducts of their sport:  The odor that builds up in gear over time.  It can happen in gym bags, hats, garments, pads, really anything that gets used over and over without a wash in between every use.  The holy grail of some product that can serve as an athletic deodorizer has never quite seemed to be identified.

For me and the sport of triathlon, I tend to notice it the most in three areas:  1) The hats that I wear when running in colder temperatures, since these hats often get used two or three times (or more) between washes and build up bacteria.  2) The shirts that I wear directly on my skin.  They tend to build up what I often call a “perma-stink”, a smell that is stubborn and rears its head within 5-10 minutes of starting a new run.  3) Bike shorts, especially those that perhaps had a long or hot ride and then did not get washed immediately.

I have tried quite a few different methods to get rid of the stench that is inevitable with hard-core athletics.  I have tried soaking my clothes in detergent-filled water before use, I have tried special detergent from WIN , but more recently I was introduced to a product called Deodorall Sport.  It is the winner.

First, a comment about the two other methods I have tried.  First, letting clothing soak in detergent-filled water prior to washing can help for the milder odors you might experience.  Just be sure to do it before the odor has really set in – preferably within 12 hours of using the garment.  I tried WIN several times, but with average results.  Based on online reviews, I am not the only one.  WIN looks like something that can have some impact, but far from a five-start product.  I stopped buying it a couple years ago.

That brings us to Deodorall Sport.  It is a product that initially cut its teeth in the hockey industry where gear can develop quite a nasty aroma over time.  Any hockey mom will tell you that her SUV has a “stink” in it from November through March.  Deodorall Sport is a spray-on liquid that uses iodine-based technology for its chemical agent.  Being iodine-based is a good thing, because it is a natural solution.  Iodine is found in nature and is completely non-toxic.  That last thing you would want to do is treat your gear with a product that actually added harmful chemicals to it.  Being a completely natural produce was start number one for Deodorall.

The second thing I liked about Deodorall was its ease of use.  It comes in a spray bottle similar to a windex bottle, so all you do it spray it on the affected gear.  The gear will dry in a matter of minutes, and will be ready to use.  I decided to spray down my gear a bit after each use, to see how repetitive treatments would do.  I just kept the bottle handy in my closet so it was easy to reach.

The final feather in the hat of Deodorall Sport was its performance, and this is really what it is all about.  After the first spray-down of the liquid, I could tell a major difference.  The gear lost its smell, and the important point is that it was not covered up by something else – the smell was simply gone.  After a few repeated uses, I essentially had gotten rid of any smell whatsoever, even in the stinky skullcap that is notorious in my house for making people leave the room.

Given our tests, Deodorall Sport comes highly recommended for those who have been looking for a solution to stinky gear, who have not been happy with WIN or other solutions, and who want to try a natural-based solution.  Our next test will be on the bike shorts, and given its performance on the stinky hat and the perma-stink shirts, we expect it to perform well.  We will post an update here on how they do with the bike shorts.

Deodorall Sport can be found here.