9 Best Triathlon Deals Today

Are you gearing up for races this summer?  Trying to get your triathlon gear in order as you hit the peak of your training plan?  We want to help.

xterra vortex suit

Xterra Vortex

We have found some of the best tri gear discounts for you.  Some of these are limited-time specials, others are closeouts.  Either way, they are a chance to save lots of money.  As you get ready for the summer 2018 triathlon stretch, take a look at these deals.  We like each of these products, as they fit our mantra:  “Buy Quality, and Buy Less”.

Tri Wetsuits and Gear:

  • Xterra Vortex Wetsuit.  Xterra’s midrange all-around wetsuits, a tried and true model that we love.
    Built with sophisticated paneling to give you buoyancy and flexibility in the right places, and available in a sleeved or sleeveless version.  Get 25% off right now — Use our code, ‘EBOOK’, for this incredible deal at Xterra!
  • Blueseventy is clearing out its mens Thermal Helix model for $150 off.  This is a great opportunity to get one of our favorite high-performance, thermal wetsuits at a very nice discount.  At last check, XL and
    thermal helix wetsuit

    Mens Thermal Helix

    XS were in stock, as well as a few of the Fusion models for women.  Find it here.  

  • Xterra’s Vivid Wetsuit is a great, thin, year-round wetsuit, but we bet you never thought you could get it for $99 (regularly $250).  Eco-friendly, with neoprene maxing out at 3mm.  An excellent buy right now with our code ‘EBOOK’ over at www.xterrawetsuits.com.
  • Camaro Swim Goggles.  Good swim goggles are an underrated part of your triathlon wardrobe, and the products from Camaro do a great job of not fogging and giving you a nice, wide field of vision.  We love them, especially when they are 30% off.  

Cycling Equipment: 

  • LG Epic 2 Cycling Jersey.  Looking for a new cycling jersey that is great on those long training rides?  The Garneau Epic 2 is perfect for many cyclists.  Lightweight and breathable.  Includes a multimedia
    lg epic 2

    LG Epic 2 Jersey

    pocket as well as additional pockets.  Best of all, it is a bright yellow that will make you visible on the road.  Find here for 35% off.

  • Garneau Ride Gel Cycling Shorts are great for your shorter training rides, indoor cycling sessions,and spin classes.  Made with Garneau’s Tequila Chamois, they offer a nice fit and comfortable seat pad for short-to-midrange rides, at a price that won’t break the bank.  Upon our last check, you can find them for an extra 25% off right now, here.
  • The Craft Gran Fondo cycling jersey looks good and is comfortable at the same time.  Designed for longer rides, the Fondo has 3 pockets for your nutrition or phone, and some of the smoothest stitching we have experienced.  You can find it now for 30% off, here.  
  • Tifosi Slip Cycling Glasses.  We have long loved Tifosi’s glasses, and the Slip glasses do not disappoint.  Excellent optics combined with comfort and durability, and you get a great pair of cycling glasses.  Fits well on a variety of face shapes and tucks right in under the helmet.  Find here.


  • The Garmin Fenix 5 Performer Bundle is a great high-end muiltisport watch, and you can get it
    garmin fenix 5 bundle

    Garmin Fenix

    right now for 16% off.  With the bundle, you get the proven Fenix 5 watch along with the heart rate chest strap, allow you to train with precision.  If you have been looking for a multisport watch, you will want to check it out.  Find the discount here.  

Swimming Equipment:

  • The Surpass Swim Jammer from Blueseventy is a great all-around jammer for men to have in their

    Surpass Training Swimsuit

    gym bag.  Perfect for pool swims, they polyester jammer is durable and comfortable.  It is built a little longer than many other jammers, something we like for better coverage.  Highly-recommended and all-purpose.  You can get it for 25% off, here.

  • Blueseventy is not forgetting about the females, also putting their Womens Surpass training swimsuit on sale as well.  The suit features an open back, and firm compression to make for fast and productive training swims.  Like with the mens jammer, we love the durability of the womens model.  33% off, here.

Other Deals

Speaking of great deals, don’t miss our piece on the best triathlon watches.  It outlines some great deals on an essential piece of precision training equipment that we think every triathlete should invest in.

We are always on the lookout for deals of any kind in the cycling and triathlon communities.  We watch and review products ranging from power meters to swim jammers, and everything in between.  Check back often as we update this and our other pieces regularly.


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