5 Best Triathlon Wetsuit Clearance Deals

We are always on the lookout for the best triathlon wetsuit deals on the market.  Wetsuits are a little like clothing — makers create inventory that they need to sell, or switch their lineup and try to get rid of the excess models.  When they do this, you can be the beneficiary.  While a hot-selling wetsuit can be difficult to find at any discount, you will often see overstock wetsuit at a deep discount, or direct-to-consumer makers of wetsuits being very aggressive with prices.  Our job here is to make sure you know about these deals.

Check back often, as these deals change frequently and are very dynamic.

50% off Xterra Vector or Vortex Wetsuits:  Use our exclusive ‘EBOOK’ code at www.xterrawetsuits.com.  Doing so will make the incredible $600 Vector a $300 wetsuit, and the always-solid Vortex wetsuit go from $400 to a mere $200.

TYR Category 3:  We don’t see the TYR wetsuits go on sale often, so to get the proven Cat 3 model for 25% off is a good find.  It makes this high end wetsuit much more affordable at under $350.  Sizes available as of this writing were small and medium.

High Quality Spin Bikes:  The market for great spin bikes is deeply discounted at the moment, leading to some bargains as you look at off-season training plans.  Right now, you can literally save $1,000 on a Livestrong 9.9, one of the top home spin bikes available today.  ($999 instead of $1,999)

Entire 2XU lineup of Wetsuits:  We have them for 40% off.  One of the better wetsuit makers on the market for 40% off — you aren’t going to find that every day. Sold out.

Blue Sevently Helix:  Normally $600, on sale for $390.  Possibly the best wetsuit on the market, on sale for under $400.  Amazing.  Sold out.

Orca 3.8Normally $600, on sale for $240.  Unbelievable discount at 55% off, this will run out quickly.  Limited sizes left, but if they fit this is a killer deal.  The Apex from Orca is also selling out limited sizes as they phase out this line, originally $550 and now about $240.

These are some amazing deals — a great time to shop if you need to stock up for the  season.    Many of these also offer free shipping, making it an even better deal.  To stay abreast of the deals we find, sign up for our email newsletter.  We only send it out when there is a good deal to be had.